SGT short sleeved jersey

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The passion for gravel and the love for the Lake Como area are imprinted on this collection, designed for the SGT team and available also for sale.
Techical products with a passionate heart, vibrating colors and a bit of aggressive look.

The short sleeve jersey is a combination of four different fabrics, specifically designed to ensure compression and breathability, in order to deliver maximum comfort and a high technical response to physical effort.

On the chest and shoulders there are our mountains, stylized with Sartoria Ciclistica color palette, on the lower back and stomach there is the level curve of the Como triangle with the coordinates of some of the most magical climbs.

Three back pockets, framed with a top reflective band for higher safety, and two hidden side zip pockets for etra storage.

The zipper is lined inside and has a bottom garage to avoid scratching the bib and to give maximum comfort while pedaling.

Designed in Lake Como by Sartoria Ciclistica, and proudly 100% crafted in Italy with love.