Our specialty coffee

Did you ever feel the urge to find the perfect coffee to start your day? Well we did. Blame it on the ageing or blame on being perfectionist, but yes we are cyclists, but we are also real coffee passionates, that's why one of our motto is "We Ride For Coffee"!

Together with our roasting team we have selected some of the best beans in order to create three unique, delicious and perfumed coffees dedicated to those who share a coffee break during a ride or to those who enjoy a rich scent when they wake up in the morning.

Three new products:

"Ghisallo Power", our first love, which has been updated by increasing the original percentage of Arabica from Brazil by adding a 10% percentage of Arabica from Nicaragua and reducing the Robusta from India to 10 %, to obtain a 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta blend.
The result? A perfect combination of aroma and acidity with a dark roast.

After the Ghisallo, continuing along the roads of the Giro di Lombardia we arrive at the "Sormano Epic", a reminder of the "shut-up-legs" climb with gradients up to 27%, hence a 100% Robusta single-origin blend from India. The result? Pure caffeine and energy with an intense body.

The final climb of the Giro di Lombardia is the "Val Fresca", as we locals call it, but better known as San Fermo.
Here, if you still have legs, it's your last chance to win the last monument race of the season and smell the scent of victory. We have tried to replicate this heady scent in the coffee cup: a rich flavor and a slower release dose of caffeine.

Now enjoy the victory, the arrival on the Como lake awaits you!