2023 Sartoria cycling events

  • TITICI x SARTORIA Gravel Team

    · By Sartoria Ciclistica

    Sometimes is a matter of timing, great things happen to people who have patience and believe in creating something different, well made and above all totally Made in Italy. TITICI. We are proud and happy (we don’t hide it also with a small tear) to show you the brand new collaboration with a great Italian frame builder, TITICI in occasion of the launch of the Sartoria Gravel Team. February 18th from 18 (6pm) till 21 (9pm) we have a great excuse to party! we will show to journalists and friends the super cool limited edition gravel bike Titici x Sartoria and...

  • Let's open the curtains! 2023 has started!

    · By Sartoria Ciclistica

    Ladies & gents, please be serious, we are not joking here! We just want to have some serious fun together! Let's open the curtains with a calendar of Sartoria Ciclistica's "on the saddle" events for the first semester! Obviously we will add many other events in this period and we will always have a good excuse to drink a chilled beer or an excellent coffee together. We look forward to seeing you soon!!! Ps: your favorite bike café is evolving, come and find out what's new!