Rent the Sartoria Ciclistica Van

It's cool, we know. We can't help but look at it in awe, and we know you do too!
Our super-duper fantaboulous van is eye-catching, shiny, colorful, funny and elegant, and guess what?
There is a working La Marzocco Lina Mini Florentine edition coffee machine inside!

Beautiful to look at and with a precious surprise inside, basically the wheeled version of one of 'Fabergé eggs'.
But it's not that dear don't you worry, you can have it for few hours or some days and rent it for an event, a wedding, a party and so on..!

Coffee, coolness and all.
At your place.

With a barista to brew you the best coffee in the world (or at least we think it is).

Drop us an e-mail at for a quotation or for any info you may need!

Vroom-vroom we drive for coffee <3