ITINERARIO FELICE - Lungo le strade di Gimondi

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Giacomo Pellizzari in his new book retraces by bicycle the roads that for years have witnessed the passage of Felice Gimondi, the last Italian cyclist to win everything, or almost. And he does it starting from the Bergamo area - Nuvola Rosa's homeland - to arrive as far as Brescia, thus celebrating the two cities that this year are united by being the Italian capital of culture 2023.

Felice Gimondi (Sedrina 1942 – Giardini Naxos 2019) never failed to mention the great love of his life: his homeland, that closed arc between the Orobie mountains and the lakes, between Bergamo and Brescia, the only place where he the right climbs and the ideal "eat and drink" to get the leg up.
In the footsteps of Nuvola Rosa, Pellizzari follows the main axis of the Ciclovia della Cultura making all the necessary detours: from the hills of Bergamo to the upper city, from the peat bogs of Lake Iseo to Roman Brescia, from the gorges of the Taleggio valley to the mysterious hairpin bends of the Vivione pass, and then the Scalve Dolomites, Franciacorta, and the Mediterranean colors of Garda.
Two friend-enemy provinces that are still able to grow great cycling champions and enthusiastic cycling enthusiasts today. A concentrate of rare and varied beauty, which the bicycle, the vehicle with the "right speed", can make us rediscover in its purest, happiest essence.

For each stage described in this book, the reader will find a map with indications of length and height difference. By framing the QR Codes that accompany them, you will have access to all the technical data and you will be able to download the GPS tracks of each route.

About the author:

Giacomo Pellizzari, a degree in Philosophy, is a copywriter, journalist, writer. He has 4 bikes, 2 children and an electric guitar. He easily loses his head for the over 2000 climbs. Pedalando has written 7 books: Ma chi ti lo fa fare? Dreams and adventures of a cyclist always uphill (Fabbri 2014, BUR 2019), The character of the cyclist (UTET 2016), History and geography of the Giro d'Italia (UTET 2017), The Italians at the Tour de France (UTET 2018), Generation Peter Sagan (66thand-2nd 2019), The curious cyclist (Rizzoli 2020) and Hairpin bends and other spells. 48 hours, 7 peaks, 2 bicycles (Enrico Damiani Editore 2021). He was editorial director of Bike Channel and collaborates with numerous Italian and foreign magazines, including “Alvento”, “Cyclist”, “Peloton Magazine” and “Rouleur”. He has the entry "Giro d'Italia" in the Treccani Book of the Year 2017. You can follow him on his or on his Twitter (@ciclopericoloso), Facebook and Instagram pages.

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