Sormano Epic - Ground 250 gr

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Origin: India
Variety: Washed Robusta

This prized Indian Robusta is grown in the Karnataka Tamil Nadu region, rich in plateaus, at about 800 meters above sea level.
This single-origin coffee has a body with a pleasant texture and a balanced taste on the palate. Notes of hazelnut and toasted bread are well present while the aftertaste recalls the hints of dried fruit and dark chocolate.

If you are looking for the caffeine you need to face the day or your bike ride, this is the coffee for you!

CAFFEINE       5/5    ●●●●●
PERFUMES     2/5    ●●○○○
ENERGY          5/5    ●●●●●
FLAVORS        3/5    ●●●○○
BODY               4/5    ●●●●○

Italy is full of great little stories of men who have managed to turn their passions into the profession of a lifetime, with their workshops where it is still possible to breathe the passion that animated them.
Our coffee is produced by a local roasting company that boasts over 40 years of activity and experience, a small pearl where the coffee is still made "as it once was", inspired by the Italian tradition; with them we share the values ​​of passion which turns into Work.

The best qualities of raw coffee selected from all over the world arrive in this small roastery, but a single type of coffee is not synonymous with a quality product.
It is with blending, or the process of selecting and mixing different types of beans, that the balance of flavors necessary for the creation of a perfect coffee is achieved.

The next step is roasting, this is where the ability to create an unmistakable aroma, taste, body and color is measured.
Through the heat, the coffee beans expand, change color and develop their aroma, and when the blends are roasted with skill, commitment and passion, a superior quality coffee is obtained.

“The right combination of time and temperature is the key to success for product excellence.”