Bike Parking

Yes, you can park your bike in Sartoria Ciclistica!

May be for the time of a coffee or while enjoing some shopping, we have a place in our backyard to hang your bike for free.

But we also offer services like "early hotel check-in" or "night bike guard".

-Early hotel check-in: We know Mamy hotels or airbnb only allow check-in after mid-day, and we know you might love to enjoy a ride before the check-in, so you can bring your small luggage or your bikebag in Sartoria, change clothes and go out for a ride with your bike!

This service has a cost of € 10,00 or FREE for SCC members

IMPORTANT: the bikebag/luggage has to be picked-up before the closing time of Sartoria Ciclistica at 15:00 (3 pm).


-Night Bike guard : If your hotel doesn't allow your bike in the room or doesn’t have a safe place where you can leave it, you can bring it in Sartoria Ciclistica before closing time at 15:00 (3 pm) and come to pick it up the next day at opening after 8:30.

The bike has to check-in in Sartoria Ciclistica before 15:00 (3 pm) and the cost/night is  € 10,00 or FREE for SCC members.

Need to book a spot? Drop us an e-mail at