SGT endurance bib

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The passion for gravel and the love for the Lake Como area are imprinted on this collection, designed for the SGT team and available also for sale.
Technical products with a passionate heart, vibrating colors and a bit of aggressive look. 

 This gravel bib features a compressive fabric and elastic band on thights, two side pockets + double "survival pocket" on the back.

Suspenders and back are in high breathable fabric designed for endurance rides.

Pad by Elastic Interface specifications: GRAVEL PERFORMANCE MEN is the first cycling pad intended for Gravel uses. It has a unique combination of materials, which gives extreme protection and comfort for the longest gravel rides. This chamois also features the multidirectional curvature, a construction technology developed by the Elastic Interface® LAB that allows for perfect fit and stability in saddle. Its design is developed for male anatomy with a central channel that improves blood flow and reduces pressure and numbness.
Both in the ischiatic and perineal areas, GRAVEL PERFORMANCE MEN features the Hybrid Cell System, a 200kg/m3 protection insert. All foam inserts and paddings are perforated to guarantee breathability and moisture management.
The fabric selected for the GRAVEL PERFORMANCE MEN is the EIT ECO X-Fifty top fabric; with its REPOC construction, the polyamide and polyester yarns guarantee cooling functions and quick dry. The darker, brushed, polyamide cube comes in direct contact with the skin preventing chafing and irritations, while the lighter colored polyester cube works at a lower level providing for perfect moisture management.

Designed in Lake Como by Sartoria Ciclistica, and proudly 100% crafted in Italy with love.