Artists x Sartoria cap by Fulvio Ruggiero

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Artists x Sartoria is calling the second artist, welcome Fulvio Ruggiero of Magliadesign! 

The cap (as also the jersey) made for "Artists for Sartoria" project, is inspired by the exotic atmospheres of Brazil, the place of "origin" of the Arabica of Sartoria Ciclistica. The colors are those of the coffee shop enhanced by the combination with navy blue. Leaves, beans, coffee aroma, cups and the waves of Lake Como create a cheerful and dynamic mood. Latin America has never been so close.

About Fulvio Ruggiero:

Art Director and cycling enthusiast. I have a past as a cyclist, a present as a creative and I would like a future where these two things can cohexist together. For this reason, Magliadesign was born in 2021. I am curious, attentive to details and with an eye always ready to capture beauty.


One size.
65% Poly / 35% Cotton

100% Made in Italy!