Artists x Sartoria cap by Natalia Testa

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Artists x Sartoria is calling the first artist, welcome Natalia Testa! 

The cap is a real graphic tribute to the city of Como.
A visual itinerary that crosses the center, runs along the banks of the Lario, passes between villages and historic villas.
A path of bright colors, with an eye as a recurring element that emphasizes the concept of a panoramic stage, but also of open vision.
While the "Lucia", a typical boat of the lake, winks with complicity at those who have always lived on the lake.

About Natalia Testa:

Visual Designer, born in Como in 1983.
I live and work in Milan, where I deal with visual, physical and digital communication.
I love - reciprocated - my plants, I collect rock'n'roll songs, taste gin and eat chocolate.
I would like more time for my family, but also have dinner with Anthony Kiedis.
I wanted the bicycle. And now, pedal it.


One size.
65% Poly / 35% Cotton

100% Made in Italy!