Aero Micro punctured pro road bib - Black

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The summer version of our pro bib collection.We have upgraded our Pro Bib with 15 cm of micro-punctured compressive fabric from mid-thigh to bottom knee...

The summer version of our pro bib collection.

We have upgraded our Pro Bib with 15 cm of micro-punctured compressive fabric from mid-thigh to bottom knee that gives you more transpirability.

The suspenders are made with a more compact elastic to give more sustain and lock better the chamois position. Suspenders are made in white color so that with super lightweight jerseys the sun won't beat too much on the back while riding, you know, sun normally beat more on dark color. 

Semeless suspenders and breathable technical fabric on the back with our four brand colors.
Fabric on tights is compressive and with a super sticky silicon band, to ensure perfect fit and zero friction while pedaling.

The inner chamois, made in collaboration with Elastic Interface (model: road performance force) is specifically made for the road cycling, granting top performances up to 7 hours at race pace.
Outer fabric of the chamois has a triple stitch sewing, to give stronger resistance to the zones that are more under pressure.

Pad by Elastic Interface® specifications:
Intended for ultracycling and extra-long distance rides, ROAD PERFORMANCE FORCE is Elastic Interface®’s newest cycling pad. Its design is developed for male anatomy with a central channel improving blood flow and reducing pressure and numbness. The multidirectional curvature provides greater fit and saddle stability, while the innovative air-mapping concept increases air permeability for reduced heat and increased wicking properties.
ROAD PERFORMANCE FORCE comes with the Elastic Interface® X-FIFTY fabric: its REPOC construction and the polyamide and polyester yarns guarantee cooling functions and quick dry. Plain, soft wings allow for greater freedom of movement and protect the inner-leg area from chafing.
The Road Master Insert with Hybrid Cell System is also added to the perineal area of this cycling pad, making it the best solution for those who want breathability and extra-protection at the same time.

Designed in Lake Como by Sartoria Ciclistica, and proudly 100% crafted in Italy with love.

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Areo Micro punctured pro road bib - Black