Rent Sartoria Ciclistica as Location

Whether is a private party for celebrating among friends and family, a business event, or a temporary store, you can rent Sartoria Ciclistica for few hours or even days!

Our beautiful 80 square meters location comes with a kitchen equipped with a hoven, a dish washer, a coffee machine, a two-beers tap, one microwave hoven, three fridges, three freezers and two big induction plates.

Our location as it is can accomodate up to 25 seats, but can easily fit up to 70 standing people. Need more seats? No problem, we'll bring some more!

We can provide you with cocktails and food of your request, music or dj-set live, and we can empty the space of each and every goods, and give you plenty of space to display your products and re-decorate it as you please for your temporary store!

The possibilities are endless: if you can think it, we can make it for you!

So don't be shy and drop us an e-mail at
We'll be more than happy to hear your idea and make it come true!