· By Sartoria Ciclistica

Meet the Team! Rider #2: Michele Benatti

Say welcome to "The Kid" Rider Michele Benatti!
Born in 1991, from Moltrasio, Lake Como! he is a "Laghée" (dialect way to call the people from the Lake)

He spent years in Rowing and some olympic triathlon races and after some training with us he decided in 2018 to take part of Sartoria Ciclistica-Black Sheep Cycling Team.

He is not (maybe) the best driver and some curves make him quite scared but he knows how to go fast and pass into corner only a mouse can does. 

He is the fastest mascotte of the team and he is improving evry race. Actually he is working hard for the captain in the Italian Fixed Cup but last race in Firenze he was in great shape and did a good race always ahead him. Great job!

The race he loved most since today? The RAD RACE 42km in Berlin! (apparently all the Team loved it!)

His motto? Keep calm & ride fast! stay tuned on his Instagram HERE

P.S: For the girls who are reading, keep calm, also him, like Andrea, is already in a relationship!