Artists x Sartoria cap by H.O.T.O.N

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Artists x Sartoria project is calling the third artist, welcome HOTON from Norway!

The cap (as also the jersey) made for "Artists for Sartoria" is a exclusive design collaboration called ‘Stelle Sinistre’ which means ‘Mad Stars’.

The word ‘Sinistre’, in italian has a negative connotation. Being crazy, thinking differently, standing up for ideas that might not be mainstream….. But still, celebrating this diversity, is what ‘Stelle Sinistre’ is all about, says HOTON.

To all you ‘Mad Stars’ out there: Life it what you make of it. Make sure to be true to yourself, and give 100%⭐️⭐️⭐️

About HOTON:

HOTON or Håvard Olav Tryti from Oslo, Norway is a graduate of the National Academy of Fine arts in Norway. He’s a passionate lover of the eurostyle road cycling culture, and expresses himself through video, music, graphic design and photography, and even makes few thousand kms in the saddle every year. Being born in Norway, he still can prove 3% Italian blood, originated from the Baldani family in Venezia. And that latin blood, really makes the difference. His take on the strict and holy rules of cycling are just so tongue in cheek as needed, and its loaded with curiosity and creativity.

Go explore H.O.T.O.N at: Instagram (@ h.o.t.o.n), Spotify and Youtube.


One size.
65% Poly / 35% Cotton

100% Made in Italy!