· By Sartoria Ciclistica


One of the main cycling event of the year designed by Sartoria Ciclistica is knocking the door to all woman who ride bikes and want to say "Hey! here we are!" to the world of cycling.

The PINK RIDE is the only event open exclusively to woman (yes, men are allowed, we don't care if is your husband, toy boy, lover or whoever but the important is that they don't push the pace or break the group and above all, don't stress the ladies who want to enjoy their own event! :-) )

The number of registrations are, as always, limited to maximum 50 woman cyclists and the fee is € 10,00. Register HERE

Men who want to partecipate/accompany the belove half will pay € 5,00 Register HERE (registration includes the coffe at the start and the coffee break in Naggio)

How it works the PINK RIDE?

The PINK RIDE is a social ride, open to woman and their bikes, we don't care if you want to ride your road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike, we just care that you enjoy a day with us.

How long is the ride and where we will go to?

The PINK RIDE will start from Sartoria Ciclistica, following the lake side till Menaggio and then a smooth climb with a great panorama till the small historical village of Naggio for a roughly total of 45 km. Once you get to Naggio the way back is free so you can go whenever and wherever you want to come back home.

In Naggio there will be the super mini vintage van of Sartoria for a coffee break sponsored by La Marzocco.

Where is the meeting point and at what time the start?

The meeting point is Sartoria Ciclistica, via Borgo Vico 54 in Como.

Meeting time is from 8:00 to 8:30 with a free coffee (only to registered woman) and start is at 8:30 after a short briefing about the rules.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee is € 10,00 and includes free coffee at the start and a coffee break at the arrival in Naggio + a event pack that includes a canned Val fresca Sprint ground coffee (value € 8,50) + a red La Marzocco Linea Mini pin + a mini shopper of sartoria ciclistica + a bib number to notice you on the road (is not a race!)


We hope we gave you all the information you might needed to know before the registration otherwise feel free to contact us hello@sartoriaciclistica.cc

See you soon!!