· By Sartoria Ciclistica



Dear friends who will join the weekend with us at Laghée Gravel Epic, here are some news you should know before the strat of your ride.

What to bring with you:

-No matter if you'll ride the short, medium or heroes route, we suggests you to bring 2 bidons, you'll find some fountains and some bars on the route but is always better to think that you are unsupported. 

- If you have the bags bring at least the handlebar bag as you might need a gilet, a inner tube at all the necessaries for change/repair the tires.

- A pair of gloves is suggested for the Medium and the Heroes route as there will be some technical segments.

- do not forget that on the medium route you'll reach the 900 mt altitude and on the heroes more than 1000 mt altitude so bring some technical apparel for covering you once on top and for the downhill. 

- bring some cash as bars/restaurants on top of the mountains has no pos so payment with credit card are not accepted.

- we suggest tires of at least 40mm as in last days Lake Como got lots rain and route is pretty damaged, no slick tires please!

- MANDATORY front and back light for those who will ride the HEORES and the MEDIUM routes.

- MANDATORY HELMETS for everyone during all time on the routes!


- the route you are in will be send via email on thursday afternoon/evening with a private link to the Sartoria Ciclistica komoot profile to download the route.

- For those who will ride the HEROES, we will give you the ticket for the ferry at the start or at the feed stop in Bellagio, so look on the road for the Sartoria colored flag once you'll reach Bellagio!

- The night out under the star is allowed but MUST BE DECLARED before the start so we don't wait fore you all night as Sartoria Ciclistica will be open till the arrive of the last riders of the Heroes route.

- For those who will ride the MEDIUM route there will be the feed stop at the end of the first ring, after nearly 50 km in Sartoria Ciclistica, checkpoint and then continue for the second loop.

- For those who will ride the SHORT route there will be a feed stop once ended the route.

As written in our terms and conditions when you registered we, Sartoria Ciclistica, are released from all responsibility once the members have left Sartoria Ciclistica so please pay attention for yourself and respect the road codes, is not a race. We all want to enjoy a great weekend.

See you soon!

The staff of Sartoria Ciclistica