· By Sartoria Ciclistica


Sunday 26th February the brand new SGT (Sartoria Gravel team) enjoyed its first event at Marmol Gravel!

Daniele and Alex had the chance to test again the new Titici Relli x SGT and all the components in a superb route design by Nicolò Varanini, founder of Marmol Gravel.

Lots of altitude, up and down and few technical descents in search of the marble quarries that reign in the Brescia area. 70 km with a chill weather where Alex decided to enjoy the party at the finish line but above all, as he got a cold crisis the bread with sausage and lots of hot pasta with beans sause (delicious!).

Daniele as previewed was in his confort zone as he love scenarios and the "touristic mood" of the event.

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