· By Sartoria Ciclistica


Here we are, after 2 years we can finally enjoy another event together on the occasion of Il Giro di Lombardia 2021 which this year will start from Como and will see our beloved heroes descend the mythical Ghisallo (unfortunately) and we will then see them engaged in another 4500 meters in altitude with unprecedented climbs for this race and arrival in Bergamo.

Want to know the daily schedule? If you think to join Sartoria on October 9th click HERE or on October 10th click HERE

 The weekend is supported in collaboration with LA MARZOCCO HOME , ALBA OPTICS & BUD POWER

The rides are not assisted so each participant must be self-sufficient.
The rides are open to traffic and the organization discharges all responsibility for any damage to property or person by the participant.
for more info you can write to info@sartoriaciclistica.cc
We are waiting for you!
Please Note: for the weekend of the Giro di Lombardia (9 and 10 October) Sartoria Ciclistica will open SATURDAY at 8:30 till19 and SUNDAY from 9 till 19 at the new location on the first floor of Mitchumm Store (via Muralto 20, Como).