· By Sartoria Ciclistica


Cycling season is officially started! forecasts are getting nicers, sky is getting more blue but above all is starting the "Short bib season"!!

Here we spoiler you some of the next events that will happens in Sartoria Ciclistica with more info to come.

- Sunday 12th March is Social Sunday ride (road) time.

- Sunday 19th March is the time of the monthly Gravel Social ride, roughtly 40 km around our area, we will give you more news in next newsletter.

- Friday 31st March we will host a great event with the super duo from Eurosport Italy, the myth Riccardo "il Magro" Magrini and the voice Luca Gregorio who will presents and sign us their new book "Vicini alle Nuvole" (event will be free but with mandatory registration)

STAY TUNED! More info to come soon!