· By Sartoria Ciclistica


Pink month is coming!

May is the month of Giro d'Italia and the pink jersey but to us is the month of PINK RIDE, the women ride!

As every time the ride is open to women only to let the world knowing more that women cycling is empowering every day.

The Pink Ride will be as always a social pace ride, we will give you the route to follow and we will meet you at the end of the climb with some muffins and water S.Bernardo.

When: SUNDAY MAY 19 

Meeting: Sartoria Ciclistica from 8:30 and start 9:15

Route: here is the link to Strava to download the route, the ride will end once on the top at the Sartoria Van and the way back is free to everyone.

How to register?

Registration is € 5,00 mandatory HERE and includes free coffee at the meeting in Sartoria Ciclistica before the start, free PINK RIDE cycling bidon in collaboration with Acqua S.Bernardo and the feeding zone, muffins and water, at the end of the climb with our super cool wow yeah vintage van :-)

Register HERE.

Important: men are allowed to partecipate in support of the ride, and will have to ride at the bottom of the pink peloton. no need of registration for them as gifts and feed zone are only for women registered :-)

See you on may 19!