· By Sartoria Ciclistica

PedalAutunno - Charity ride

Here is the CHARITY RIDE PedalAutunno (Almost winter) 🍂 ❄️ WE NEED YOU ALL!

Since the flood prevented us from pedaling together on the first attempt, we'll try again!

-Sunday 12 November 2023 at 9.30 am ready to clip on the pedals, meeting point is as always Sartoria Ciclistica in Via Borgovico 54 in Como for a very autumnal (almost winter) ride!

There will be two groups (or more):

➡️ Vintage "Fast Rust" bicycles by Cyclico with which we will pedal to Argegno return trip at a friendly pace, prepare your old bike and wear some vintage style kit!

➡️ Modern Bicycles by RideForGelato with which we will always pedal up to Argegno with the possibility of having a quick ride on Schignano but always at a friendly pace.

During the event we will raise funds to donate to the city of Como a "Chlorofilla_bike"  a bicycle station where you can repair 👨‍🔧 your bicycle independently whenever something happens to your bike.

-Registration for the ride will take place through a free donation starting from €10 which you can donate for convenience HERE 

We look forward to seeing many of you pedal with us to make our lake more bicycle-friendly! PS Helmet mandatory and since the ride will take place on roads open to traffic and it is not a race, we respect the highway code!

-Registration link HERE:  (Registration will include a pitstop in Argegno with coffee and snacks! )