· By Sartoria Ciclistica

Meet the Sartoria Gravel Team!

The SGT aka Sartoria Gravel Team will take part at some event before the end of June.

Want to meet them for a fast Ciao or a coffee?

Super! The team will take part to the UCI Gravel Series in Millau (FRA) at the Wish One Gravel Race on June 18 but they will get to Millau for the evening of the 16 so if you are around and want to have a beer with Alex, Federico and Andrea feel free to write them in direct on the instagram account @sartoriacyclingclub   . 

On June 21 and 22 the amazing show of Eurobike, the most important bike show in Europe) will start to push out some new 2024 bike models and gears and the SGT will be at the TITICI BIKE stand showing the cool TITICI-SARTORIA relli gravel bike and making (free) coffees with the new Linea Micra by La Marzocco.

Let's meet soon!