· By Sartoria Ciclistica

Welcome SARTORIA X TITICI Gravel Team!

Keep yourselves free for Saturday 18 February from 18 (6pm) to 21 (9pm) because we will present the Sartoria x Titici Gravel Team and more.

During the evening we will show you in preview the collaboration between TITICI and Sartoria Ciclistica for the creation of a gravel bike frame that will be supplied to the team during the 2023 season and which will be produced only on order also for customers who want to have an exclusive frame, entirely produced in Italy and painted by the precious hands of the well-known Tony Spray.

This collaboration stems from Daniele Valiante's passion for gravel and then passed on to Alex, owner of Sartoria Ciclistica who were missing the world of competitions and found the hand of Roberto Sambinelli, brand manager of TITICI who has married the idea right away.

Together we wanted to create something different, unique, non-standard, which came out of the canons of classic cycling, which combined design and creativity at the same time.

Magliadesign instead took care of the graphic creation of the SGT collection with numerous details that will be explained by the designer Fulvio Ruggiero during the evening where it will be possible also to buy it.

Thus was born the Sartoria x Titici Gravel team thanks also to the support of international technical partners such as La Marzocco, Alba Optics, Fulcrum Wheels, Deda Elementi, Prologo, Chimpanzee Nutrition, Acqua San Bernardo, Sidi Shoes, Challenge tyres, Torrefazione El Miguel.

We are waiting for all of you and ready with beer in hand!