· By Sartoria Ciclistica

CANCELLED... Laghée Gravel Epic 2024

Sorry for giving you this bad news! We know lots of you already registered and wanted to enjoy a weekend with us and around our beautiful Lake Como surrounding routes but due to the heavy rain we got in our area for the last 4 months lots events had to postponed the date and now we have so many events in the same weekend that we do not want to start spamming you and your friend along our socials and newsletter for pushing more the registrations and start a competition between other gravel events, for competitions there are the UCI gravel races :-).

No worries, we will host a super cool gravel ride on Sunday, July 14 starting at 9:30 from your beloved caffeine and cool style pusher, Sartoria Ciclistica and we will refund all of you already registered.

You know what? we are also more than happy to make a free pasta party at the end of the ride and enjoy a beer together in the real and loved spirit of Gravel community.

Hope this last few lines dried a bit the tears you had when to looked at the title of this article :-).

So, see you all on Sunday, July 14 in Sartoria Ciclistica, meeting from 8:30 and start of at 9:30 for roughly 70km gravel ride opened also to Ebikes and Mountainbikes.

No race, just pure fun and social.

Oh, last but not least if you want to take part to the social ride do not forget to spread the voice with your friends and to REGISTER HERE, is free but mandatory!

See you soon!

love you