Crunchy Peanut energy bar

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Treat yourself to a great tasting energy bar.
Treat yourself to a great tasting energy bar full of peanut chunks and soy protein. The Chimpanzee Energy Bar Crunchy peanut contains a high amount of protein and fibre and is a great source of natural energy.


Bio Peanuts 28 % BIO Molasses 7 % BIO Rice Syrup 30 % Potato Fiber 1 % Rice Crispies 12 % Oatmeal 10 % Rapeseed Oil 4 % Soy 7 % Soy Protein 1 %

Nutrition facts in 100g in 55g
Calories 450kcal 247kcal
Fats 13g 7g
Saturated fat 2.7g 1.5g
Carbohydrates 56g 31g
Sugars 27g 14.8g
Fiber 9.7g 5.2g
Protein 16g 8.8g
Salt 0.19g 0.1g