Alvento magazine - 26

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The number 26 of Alvento (issue April 2023 ).

"Tonight there is someone I can write about the way I wrote ten years ago, without reservations of any kind.
Last Thursday at the Harvard Square Theater I saw the past of rock and roll flash before my eyes.
And I saw something else too: I saw the future of rock and roll and his name is Bruce Springsteen.
And on a night when I needed to feel young, he made me feel like I was listening to music for the first time".

— John Landau, su The Real Paper, 9 maggio 1974

Spring has always been a renaissance for cycling.
You can be in the saddle with many hours of daylight, you pedal with enthusiasm and without too much thought, you enjoy the Classics on television or on the roadside, for those who are luckier and more organised.
It is a way to feel a little younger and lighter, regardless of your identity card, even if another year has passed, another winter.
There is a desire for the future, for a better future.
#alvento26 is a hymn to the spring spirit and everything that animates it.

Alvento is a state of mind.