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Mitchumm Cycling bib short - for man

Designer: Mitchumm Cycling

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The brand new Bib Short Mitchumm Cycling is a produced focusing on comfort and performance.

The Bib short is made up of three different materials, conceived for maximum comfort during pedaling, thanks also to the special silicone elastic at the bottom of the thigh.

Safety is always our priority, and high visibility bands on the thighs and back have been inserted in addition to the reflective Mitchumm Cycling logos.

For indoor workouts we have studied a central pocket in the back, to insert the phone or MP3 player, so as to avoid having the headphone cables annoying you while pedaling on the rollers.

The base, a fundamental part for us cyclists, is top choice for those road riders looking for an unequalled performing pad for ultracycling and hors category thanks to the Road Master Insert with HybridCS. The special perforation of the chamois top provides greater breathability and the unique design delivers superior fit for male anatomy. Is designed for workouts and races lasting even more than six hours, ensuring comfort and zero friction, since the two half-moon components of this pad have been joined together with ultrasonic technology, guaranteeing a smooth surface in contact with the skin.