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'Ghisallo' Mitchumm Cycling jersey - for man

Designer: Mitchumm Cycling

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'Ghisallo' short sleeve jersey for man (black / blue)

Short-sleeved high-performance jersey made of two special fabrics, as microfibre and the innovative "B-Elastic", that keep the body always dry avoiding the typical polyester odors.
The B-Elastic is a highly fitting fabric that, thanks to its special shape, gives comfort, fit and breathability at top levels, while Microfibra is ideal for high temperatures and always keeping a thight fit.
The jersey is made up of 3 different weaves to give the right elasticity and breathability where the body requires it more.

The special inner silicone waistband keeps the shirt always adhering to the shorts, and the sleeve inner bands are made with a special wave-form to follow the shape of the bicep without creating friction, for maximum comfort.

Three back pockets, the central one with a high visibility zip and with a hole for the eraphones that goes directly into the jersey to the 'button hole' in the neck, for even better looking aesthetic when you are riding.

Thermo adhesives 'Mitchumm for Cycling' are all high-visibility refractors, so you can always be safe even in tunnels.
The neck and back of the zip are lined with an elastane hood for more comfort.

Slim-regular fit.