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About SCC

As some of the finest bike cafè and cycling brands in the world we have decided to bring to life SCC , Sartoria Cycling Club.

We'd love to share our passion with old and new friends all over the world, we have already reached lots of region and spread SCC gears in all the 6 continents, we just miss Antarctica (never seen a penguin riding a bike?!).

The SCC is a club open to everyone, Italians and foreigners all over the world who want to meet for a ride and a fresh beer in good company, wherever they live,  for those who want to download a few watts on the asphalt or for those who simply want to be part of a club that give a eye to a wider vision.

We have created a collection dedicated exclusively to members.

What does the registration to the SCC include and what options are there?

There are two options, one for those who want to shoot and participate in some race (the cardholder, even a foreigner, must reside in Italy and have an Italian tax code / identity card) and the other option is S.Y.S.C (Support Your Sartoria Club) which does not include the card to compete but for those who intend to access the conventions of the S.C.C with our partners and join rides reserved for members. (for S.C.C card with RACE CARD of Italian Cycling federation click here)

SCC registration with FCI 2022 card: € 110,00

- FCI card (which includes insurance) - Membership fee - Exclusive S.C.C sock and cap - free coffee at the clubhouse of Sartoria Ciclistica - Discounts with S.C.C partners - Team training rides & races - 15% off on SCC collection and 10% off on all the Sartoria Ciclistica catalogue.

Important: this SCC license need the sport medical certification 

Registration SYSC 2022: € 90,00

- SYSC card - Exclusive Cap S.C.C  - Exclusive SCC sock - Free Coffee at the Clubhouse of Sartoria Ciclistica - Discounts with S.C.C partners - Access to team training rides - 15% off on SCC collection and 10% off on all the Sartoria Ciclistica catalogue.

For more info write us via Facebook or to 

Are you ready to join us for a coffee and not only ...?