Unisex winter jacket with Primaloft - Mustard yellow and navy

Regular price €84.00
This jacket is made to keep you warm and dry during the cold days of this season.
Inner lining in PrimaLoft®, leader in advanced material technology producing sustainable synthetic insulation products, ensuring the best insulation for your body.
5K waterproof, ensuring you stay dry with a light rain without compromising perspirability.
YKK top range zip with an inner scabbard and hood on both ends to preserve your jersey and pants from friction, and to ensure the maximal comfort on the neck.
Rubber 3D Sartoria Ciclistica logo on the heart and on the back.
Road model without back pockets, exception made for one hidden vertical zip pocket on the back sewing.
Inner silicone band to ensure the best fitting while pedaling.
Aero cuffs for the best windproof feeling and for wearing gloves more comfortably.

Designed for the road cycling, but perfect also for everyday life.

100% Made in Italy (with pride)!