Cannolo Siciliano Navy handlebar bag from SC

Regular price €49.00

Hey! We have crafted our first handlebar bag!
Available in Navy Blue or Olive green this handlebar bag is perfect for a gravel ride or travel, but you can also put it on the city bike (or on the handle of a stroller!).

A Cannolo Siciliano shape measuring 20x10 cm, 100% waterproof with two waterproof zip pockets, one on top and the second is a perfect small space for coins or Haribo candies.

Inside the main zip you’ll find a net, to always keep in order the things you love bringing with you everyday. 

Reflective Sartoria Ciclistica logo in the front, just beside the reflective clip light holder, because safety first!

Made in limited numbers as always because we love to make special things and make riders feel special.