Coffee LOVEr pack (Grinded or Beans + Mug)

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Are you looking for a cool Sartoria coffee lover starter pack?

You are in the perfect place!

The "Coffee LOVEr pack" is composed by 1 Sartoria mug and 1 "Ghisallo power" grinded coffee pack with a 10% off related to single products. 

Details about our special coffee blend:

A solid and aromatic taste of intense hazel. An exotic perfume, thanks to the very dense in the palat "Robusta" from Indonesia (10%) and India (10%), and from the high concentration of Brasilian "Arabica" (classified FINE CUP, 80%), coming from the Guaxupè district plantations after going through a medium roasting to preserve all the shades of taste.

A noble origin, since this natural Brazilian "Arabica" coffee coming from the area of the high Mogiana (1.050-1.250 mt. above sea level) is integrated with two types of "Arabica": one Mild (washed) and one S.H.G. (Strictly High Grown, wich is grown starting from 1.500 mt. above sea level) coming from Honduras and Mexico.

This cup of coffee is an explosion of flavors, with a subtle and pleasant aroma of sourness.
Its flavor will partner you throughout the day, marking your coffee lover experience