BIO Hazelnut Butter - Chocolate energy gel

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Low carbs, rich source of quality fats and protein.

Chimpanzee BIO Hazelnut Butter is a tasty, addictive energy source.
The protein-rich hazelnut butter goes well with crackers, fruits, and cereals, and it tastes like a dream when eaten on its own. Enjoy! 

Squeeze the bag thoroughly before use. 

BIO Agave Syrup 15 % BIO cocoa 2 % BIO hazelnuts 50 % BIO MCT oil 15 % BIO sunflower protein 18 %

Nutrition info  100g  60g  
Energy 2580kJ
Fat 51g 31g  
Saturated fatty acids 23g 14g  
Carbohydrates 17g 10g  
from that sugars 13g 8g  
Fibre 9g 5g  
Protein 20g 12g  
Salt 0.26g 0.13g