Spicy Chocolate protein bar

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Slightly spicy delicious protein bar

The bars are produced from BIO raw materials and are RAW. This is a simple fruit bar with nuts and rice protein. 


BIO Agave Syrup 8 % BIO Chocolate 17 % BIO Dates 40 % BIO Cashew Nuts 1 % BIO Almonds 18 % BIO Olive Oil 3 % BIO Rice Protein 8 % Chilli 5 % Salt 0%

Nutrition Facts per 100g per pc 40g  
Calories 1772kJ
Fat 21g 8.4g  
Sat. fat. 4.6g 1.8g  
Carbs 34g 13.6g  
Sugars 29g 11.6g  
Fibre 9.5g 3.8g  
Proteins 14g 5.6g  
Salt 0.11g 0.05g