Artists x sartoria cap by Alberto Sticco

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The design of this cap is a celebration of the most iconic climb of the "Larian Triangle": the Ghisallo, made from Bellagio. It is a tribute to its symbols, as the monument to the Cyclists, the Ghisallo Sanctuary and the Heavenly Patroness of Italian Cyclists.
Lines and curves, "straights" and hairpin bends, nature and architecture, the skyline of the mountains and the shores of Lake Como meet and blend together in a sort of gothic stained glass window, while the Patroness, with a shining 53 as a halo, watches over and protects from above all the laghèe and all the cyclists who pedal towards it for the first, or for the umpteenth time.
Finally, the colors of the graphics - complementary to the real ones - offer a new perception of the symbols and panoramas of the historic Lombard climb.

Made of a brethable fabric with an inner band to absorbe sweat, this cap is to be worn with its matchy jersey.