Artists for Sartoria jersey by Fulvio Ruggiero

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The “Artists for Sartoria” project goes on, this time with the jersey (and cycling cap) designed by Fulvio Ruggiero.About the jersey:The jersey designed for "Artists for...

The “Artists for Sartoria” project goes on, this time with the jersey (and cycling cap) designed by Fulvio Ruggiero.

About the jersey:
The jersey designed for "Artists for Sartoria" is inspired by the exotic atmospheres of Brazil, the place of "origin" of the Arabic of Sartoria Ciclistica. The colors are those of the palette of your beloved bike cafè enhanced by the combination with Navy blue. Leaves, beans, coffee aroma, cups and the waves of Lake Como create a cheerful and dynamic mood. Latin America has never been so close.

About Fulvio Ruggiero:
Art Director and cycling enthusiast. I have a past as a cyclist, a present as a creative and I would like a future where these two things can coexist together. For this reason, Magliadesign was born in 2021. I am curious, attentive to details and with an eye always ready to capture beauty.

You can follow Fulvio on instagram @magliadesign 

Technical details:

We have used 4 different fabrics to ensure that each part of your body has the right elasticity feeling and every part of the jersey has a proper reaction to sweat.

The cut and ergonomics are designed to wrap and massage the body. giving maximum aerodynamics and lightness, especially during hot summer rides.

The front of the shirt is made with a more compact fabric to also give a touch of elegance and thus also maintain the fullness of the multicolor Pantone used to create the color blocks, we also care about the style while we pedal, not just at the coffee break ;)

The side panels made of micro-mesh facilitate the fitting of the shirt, giving the sensation of wearing a second skin. The silicone bands at the bottom of the shirt and the bottom of the sleeves with laser cut allow an excellent grip, keeping the shirt in the correct position even when changing position. An aerodynamic jersey designed for competitive uses but also for long distances.

On the back there are three spacious rear pockets with a band made of high visibility material, we care about safety!

Thanks to the use of lightweight polyester fabrics the Aero jersey dries immediately, expelling sweat and making it the first choice for both hot summer rides and training sessions, long rides or the famous traffic light races with friends on a Sunday.

AERO Fit, Super Slim.

100% designed in Como and Made in Italy with pride!
For size guides see last picture.

  • 92% polyester
  • 8% elastane
  • Handwash or machine wash, water max 30°
  • Wash separately/Wash inside out
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean/Do not tumble dry
  • Keep away from heat sources (just yourself during hot summer ride)
  • Do not iron
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not soak